The Wallingford Camera Club was organized in 1976 through its founder, Fred Myers, who had a passion for photography. When Fred moved into Wallingford in 1975, he was searching for others who had the similar passion. He researched the area through newspapers and library listings for camera club announcements. This was in the day before the internet and websites. Information about the Charter Oak Camera Club and the New Haven Camera Club came to his attention. Fred recognized the need for a club in Wallingford.
The Wallingford YMCA offered a course in photography for beginners in 1976 and Fred attended one of the classes and approached the instructor, Frank Pearson and asked him if he could work with him in starting a camera club. Frank agreed to assist and in the next YMCA class, Fred and Frank presented the idea of a camera club to the students in the class. A few students expressed interest in helping to get it started. The first official meeting of the club was April 14, 1976.
The club received excellent publicity from the Record Journal and gained members. The first full year was successful with a banquet and the election of officers for the following year.
Our clubs’ awards are named from its first board of officers. Fred Meyer’s Award is given to the winner of the Landscape, Cityscape, and Seascape Image. The Randy Erskine Award is given to the winner of the Small Print image. There are awards named in honor of memorable club members and officers; Marty Zuckerman, Larry Rondeau, Harris Green, Al Lazuk, Deb Hager, and Joe Hamed.

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Everyone is welcome! Every member started by walking through the door a stranger, and soon became a friend.

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