Tribute to Mark Fioravanti

We are saddened to announce the passing of one of our club members, Mark Fioravanti.

Mark has been a key element in the success of our camera club by sharing his knowledge. He has been innovative in promoting visual effects in Photography. Through Mark’s generosity, our club members have learned alternate ways subjects can be photographed. He has lead workshops in the club on Judging Photos for Competition, Manual Photograph/Getting to Know Your Camera, Photographing Water Droplets, and Light Painting.

Mark was very personable and generous with his time. He loved mentoring by teaching his grandkids how to make photographs. They were junior members of the club and it was rewarding in a way to view their images on competition nights. There were proud moments for Mark to announce to the judges their ages.  He was always willing to step in for the club’s benefit. He was the Vice President of Competitions for the club. Mark had good skills in communicating with people. He always started the competitions with guidelines for judges. He composed criteria for them to judge our images.

He judged other camera clubs’ competitions and presented workshops in the other clubs. He will greatly be missed by all.


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