Competition Guidelines

Uploading Images for Competition
Images submitted must be resized:
Landscape 1024×768 max or less; Portrait 768×1024 max or less
**Images MUST be 1MB or less in size; Images greater than 1MB will be rejected**
It is highly recommended to use FastStone (free download) to resize your images submitted for competition.
This program has been found to resize images and make them smaller than some other programs.

You may submit up to 3 images per competition in all categories EXCEPT Image Artistry and Special Subject, you may submit 2 images per competition.

Make-up images:2 per category for the competition year– No make-up for Image Artistry & Special Subject.

Step-by-Step Upload Instructions
-From the WCC home page, click on the Login Page button; log in with your ID and Password
-On the Member Page, click on the Submission/Upload button; you will upload and submit images from here.
-Enter the title, letters and numbers ONLY. DO NOT enter a ? or * or ! or any other. Just numbers and letters.
-Click on Choose File button, select the image from your computer; shorten title if the file name is too long(more that 30 characters).
-Select the competition category from the Competition Type drop-down menu.
-Select the image number/count from the Sequence drop-down menu. Choose Image 1,2 or 3 for each category. This will help you keep track of how many to upload.
**NOTE the system does not keep track of number submitted, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE**
-Select Y or N for judge comments on you images, follow WCC guidelines for allowed number.
-When you have completed your upload, SCROLL TO THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE AND CLICK SUBMIT
-All of your submissions will appear on the page for you to review at this time
If you want to make changes, click on the Add,Change, Delete button, go back to the submission page, make changes, SUBMIT AGAIN, REVIEW AGAIN.

You can comeback to this page as often as you want and edit any entry; make changes, change images, until the closing date. Members will be locked out of submissions at the closing date/time.

For further information about WCC Rules and Regulations, please see the WCC Handbook which can be found by clicking the Articles button on the Home page.

Member Handbook

Image Format